2-year old fighting for life after assault by step-father

injured child

A two year old boy is fighting for his life at Narok Referral Hospital after he was thoroughly beaten and wounded by his step father yesterday.

The boy’s mother Ms Purity Wanjiru, 17 years, who lives at Mungare Estate near Narok town said the stepfather, Elias Njairo took the little boy from their compound only to bring him back in the evening with serious injuries on the leg and face.

Ms Wanjiru explained that this was the second time the step father has caused grievous injuries to the minor as two months ago, the boy was treated with serious burns on the upper chest and stomach after the father had poured hot liquid on him.

“At first, he told me that the baby had fallen while playing thus sustaining the injuries, but after he was brought to the police station, he admitted to have seriously beaten the boy,” said Ms. Wanjiru.

Dr Boaz Oreng’a who attended to the boy at the Narok Referral Hospital said the minor arrived in the hospital with injuries on the right eye and a fracture on the left leg.

He said the minor had healing burns on the chest and stomach indicating that he had earlier experienced serious burns that he was just recovering.

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“We are doing our best to ensure the boy’s health is in stable condition. We hope he will be treated and discharged in a week’s time,” said the doctor.

Narok North Children Officer Pilot Khaemba condemned the incident saying they will conduct an age assessment to establish the age of the child’s mother whose documents show she is only 17 years old so as to add defilement charges on the culprit.

He said the minor will be considered for care at a children’s home as the mother is also a minor who could not take good care of her child.

The culprit is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow as the mother of the assaulted child undergoes an age assessment test to ascertain if she is a minor or not.

According to Childline, child neglect, assault and abandonment remains the most prevalent form of child abuse in Kenya with over 13,878 cases reported.

This has been identified as the root cause of all other child abuses in Kenya. The Childline report indicates that 75 per cent of this is perpetrated by immediate family members followed by parents 17 per cent and extended family 8per cent.

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