Betty Kyalo Spotted With Another Man, And Not The ‘Somali Guy’ – Video

Betty Kyalo Spotted With Another Man, And Not The ‘Somali Guy’ – Video

A woman of controversy, K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo has been the talk of town in the last two days, for the wrong reasons.

Since her marriage with fellow journalist and NTV news anchor Dennis Okari, Betty has been associated with several men, the most recent being a ‘mysterious’ Somali guy.

The Somali guy was thought to be Alinur Mohamed, a businessman and an aspiring politician. However Mohamed denied the claims saying the speculations are misleading.

“There have been speculations about my personal life in the past few days. Kenyans are linking me to the Somali Guy who was mentioned by NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu in his story that touched on Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari. All these speculations are misleading,” he said.

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Whether there was a Somali guy in her life or not, Betty seems to have moved on swiftly and now she has a new catch.

In a video shared on Instagram by former radio producer Joe Muchiri,  Betty can be seen in the passenger seat even as he tries to conceal her face with an emoji.

Muchiri is castigating Mc Jessy for being outdoors after the government urged citizens to stay indoors over coronavirus.

“Busted  @jessythemc jana ame sema watu wakae home na Nime mpata hapa Lenana road aki tangatanga  muache double standards Corona is not spread at night only iko hata mchana, mna penda ku ingilia watu wa #UsikuSacco coz wanaraha mingi kuwa shinda  Hata Hio asteroid ina kuja kuanguka mta sema ni sisi tume leta  Acha ni ingie CBD just to do an analysis of these hypocrites, it better be empty AF na wa record nyote huko,” Muchiri captioned the video.

Here’s the video:-

MC Jessy has previously been rumoured to be dating KICC boss and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece Nana Gecaga.

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