Binti Kiziwi Video Vixen Sandra Khan Reveals What Next After Jail

Binti Kiziwi Video Vixen Sandra Khan Reveals What Next After Jail

Binti Kiziwi video Vixen Sandra Khan has learnt her lesson and is planning to pick up the pieces by trying a hand at entrepreneurship with an eye of reviving her stalled career.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Ms Khan said that she is ready to start a new life away from crime.

“Kuna kitu ambacho nimefanya na Z Anto, ya uko mbele, taratibu. Nimejipanga kuwa mjasiriamali. Watu wajiandae kumwona Sandra mpya. Dunia imenifunza sana,” she said.

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Freedom, she underscored, is a priceless gift hence the reason why despite having a right to have visitors, she waived hers.

“Sikutaka ndugu yangu yeyote anione katika yale matatizo. Ilikuwa ni maumivu Zaidi; sikutaka kuona mtu yeyote wa familia yangu.”

Binti Kiziwi, as she is famously known, spent seven years in Chinese jail; five years in jail, two in remand.

The video vixen was arrested at an airport in China in February 2013, with illegal drugs hidden in her stomach.

Khan was discovered to be in possession of the drugs after she complained of stomach complications while passing through the X-Ray detector at the airport.

Khan is currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The model shot to public fame in 2007, when Tanzanian musician Z-Anto, whose real name is Ally Mohammed, featured her as the main video vixen in his then-popular hit song Binti Kiziwi.

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