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libya slave trade

I was going through my Facebook page recently and as I was scrolling I saw an interesting post, about how lucrative and normal slave trade has become in Libya. How in the 21st century an age of light and enlightenment does slave trade thrive? Why is the world doing nothing about it?

When I did my history I read very horrendous stories about slaves, how they were treated and even after working they were never paid. They were treated inhumanly because of colour. The same white people we adore and worship when they come to our countries did that to our ancestors. I literally choke with range when I think about it.

The foundation on which slave trade was abolished according to my very sparse historical knowledge was because with the industrial revolution and the creation of machines human labour was not required anymore and it was expensive to maintain as compared to machines. How now in 2017 with all the technological advancement do we still have slave trade and human trafficking?

The images I saw were heartbreaking. Men tied to a post upside down, others are bleeding probably from being beaten up, others clumped in small rooms .These men were being auctioned to Libyan rebels but of course we don’t need a reason why.  It’s obvious to add to their army numbers.The big question is: Who funds them? Without an iota of doubt, their funding  comes from the outside world.

What worries me the most is people spend so much money to develop nuclear weapons, wars, outside world expeditions ,while people die of hunger. People are dying every day in wars stirred up by the same people sending ‘peace coups’ for their own selfish needs like controlling oil fields. People are so selfish they forget to be human that its always about them.

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Bob Marley once said, “They don’t want me to preach love.” But who were/are they? They are the people who want the world in chaos, sometimes chaos they create themselves or not, because its only then they can profit ,when the world is burning.

I’ll be damned if you tell me Ebola just came from nowhere am sure it was to reduce the population in Nigeria, Gaddafi’s attempt to unite Africa had him killed in a pretext of over throwing the government because they know if Africa unites we will be insurmountable. So I don’t trust ‘them’ or their agendas and no matter what they do its never for our good. It’s always in their interest.

I rest my case.

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