Christina Shusho forced to apologise to Nasa supporters

Tanzania gospel star Christina Shusho has been forced to apologise to Nasa supporters following her recent post that stirred emotions online amongst her Kenyan fans, who subscribe to the Nasa coalition.

In the post, the talented singer posted a prayer for the country and asked God to guide, protect and give Uhuru Kenyatta wisdom to lead the country. However, the well-meant prayer invited criticism from the Nasa supporters supposedly for taking sides.

Following the bile from the fans, she was forced to apologise “It was not my intention to hurt you guys. Again, I am sorry. Nimalize kwa kusema nina wapenda, na nita endelea kuwaombea.(Let me finish by saying that I love you, and I will continue praying for you) Let love lead.”

Christina Shusho forced to apologise to Nasa supporters shusho-300x225 Nasa main Christina Shusho

Nnawapenda ndugu zangu, rafiki zangu, majirani zetu wakenya. Upendo huo unafanya nifurai mkifurai, nilie mkilia na niumie mkiumia. Naomba mnisamehe, mlio umia na ku kwazika. Kwa niaba yangu mwenyewe, naomba tena mnisame

he. (I love you my brothers, my friends and my neighbours Kenyans. That love makes me

happy when you are happy, cry when
you cry and hurt when you hurt. Please forgive me for those who were hurt and dejected. On my own behalf, please forgive me),” pleaded Shusho as reported by the Star.

The singer is famously known for her hit songs NinangaraRoho and Akutendee among others.

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