Condom machine that detects alcohol

Condom machine that detects alcohol

If this machine comes to Kenyan pubs and over the counter sale of condoms is banned, Kenyan men are likely to suffer dry sex spells unless they avoid taking alcohol

Teenage boys, who have made a habit of engaging in alcohol and sex orgies in pubs under the guise of listening to jam sessions, will not be spared either.

A condom machine activated by a breathlyser has been introduced in a bid to stop people having drunken sex.

According to the Mirror, the ‘Johnny Be Good’ vending machine has been installed in a pub in London, United Kingdom, and will only dispense condoms to those who can prove they are sober.

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A man and a woman purchase a condom at a breathalyser dispenser. Photo:

Users will need to blow into the device and anyone under the legal driving limit will receive a free condom.

The initiative is being trialed at The Brass Monkey pub in Victoria by dating firm Match but has the possibility of a nationwide rollout.

It comes as a survey revealed that a third of people admit they don’t have the confidence to sleep with someone for the first time when completely sober.

It also found 73 per cent of British singles find alcohol makes a date easier, with 10 percent having a tipple on every date and 58 percent of them involving alcohol. Kenyan men are not any different.

Men are least likely to have sober sex, with almost half drinking beforehand compared to 36 per cent of women.

Madeleine Mason, dating psychologist, said: “The feeling of fear and anxiety usually lies behind the lack of confidence people are experiencing, which from a physiological perspective is an activation of the nervous system (breathing and heart beat speeds up creating a form of arousal).

“The impulse is to calm the nervous system down by consuming alcohol.”

Kate Taylor, dating expert for dating website Match, which commissioned the survey and condom machine, said: “This is sobering news. Brits’ reliance on alcohol for dating suggests that almost none of us has the confidence to express ourselves without a drink.

“Try not to hide your shyness behind a shandy. Instead, learn to love your imperfections and trust that others will love them too, even over just a coffee.” (

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