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Dead teacher’s ghost haunts KNUT officials

There was drama at Kisii County KNUT office when a man and his two children stormed the office to claim benefits for his wife who died three years ago.

Tension was high when Zachary Obura with his two secondary school children exchanged with the KNUT officials demanding for their burial and benevolent fund benefits for their mother who was until her death, a teacher at Jogoo Primary school in Getembe Division for over 20 years.

The family members said they were tired of the hide and seek game from the officials who had been postponing the payment and at times paying very little like Sh2, 000 only.

The children, Zephaniah Obura 17 years and Rachel Obura 18 years, who were carrying placards and their mother’s death certificate, said they were fed up with the mistreatment and corruption at the office.

They said they needed the money to pay their secondary school fees as their father had gone for early retirement from civil service before their mother died in September 2014.

The officials tried to silence Mr. Obura saying he was showing a bad example to his children, but in vain.

At one point, it seemed like the situation would develop into a physical fight, but the officials agreed to give the remaining balance of Sh91, 000 which is the total sum, in the absence of the press and their father who was worked up.

Obura castigated KNUT office for paying some of the money to his the son’s school without consulting with him saying he had already withdrawn his son from the said school and therefore the Sh40, 000 paid there went to waste as the school declined to refund the money.

KNUT Clerk Alexander Mugabo confirmed the office was experiencing challenges with payment for dead members and retired teachers.

He explained the shortage in finances was occasioned by a loan the office had acquired for a bus.

Mugabo, who deals with payments to the beneficiaries, said several dead members and 32 teachers who retired in 2014 from Getembe and Marani region alone were yet to be paid.

He described the number of those requiring to be paid from the seven regions in the county as large, but could not give the exact number.

He said he had received directions to pay Obura five thousand promptly but was forced to give the remaining amount when the children decided to camp in his office until they were sorted out.

“What comes from the head office every month is so little and is subdivided to all the beneficiaries,” Mugabo said showing records of money sent to various people, some Sh2, 000, 4, 000 and 1, 000 among others.

The County Treasurer Mr. Joseph Makabe dissociated himself from the mess saying the regional officers were supposed to deal with the issue. He said his work was to oversee the whole County and not to directly deal with challenges facing beneficiaries.

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