Excellent ways to date her in campus without spending much

We all know that money is very crucial commodity in campus yet most guys are broke.  Being broke is very hurtful; but it doesn’t mean you can’t date and still save the little amount of money to survive through the semester.  Some of the ways you can date and spend little to no cash are;

  1. Take advantage of the nature

You should be lucky when your institution is located next to or within abeautiful scenery which you can take a hike to. In Kabianga University you can take your lady to Chemosit Falls and enjoy the throbbing waters as they move around. For Laikipia University you can move with the lady to view point of the Rift Valley and Table land as you enjoy the beautiful landscape while in Egerton University you can visit the Botanic garden as you sample the different types of trees and birds. Most of these places are free to access and you will spend quality time. From time to time you can visit these places as a group.

A beautiful lady in beautiful scenery is a combination that will never fail.

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  1. Invite her over to your place

You don’t have to take her out for a date in a fancy restaurant; you can make your house fancy and hold the date in it. Just make sure you do cleanings prior. Instead of spending much on food you will prepare the food that you already got in stock without inconveniencing your pocket. You will also not worry about movie tickets as you already got enough entertainment in the room if you own a laptop and music player.


  1. Attend school functions together

Most of the time people would want to go party and drink so make sure you attend the events organized in school. Most of them are free or charge cheap entry as compare to events outside school. If she is an art lover take her to watch the school productions. For sports lovers you can also take her watch the various competitions in school. You will both have a good time at low prices.

  1. Make good use of the library

Most campus students do not regularly visit the library unless its exam period, this is for couples who both have reading as a passion. You can regularly visit the school library where you can borrow books and share the things you learn.

As a man you can also from time to time use library as an excuse to avoid being together which will mean you will determine the times you meet.


Even though you are armed with ways not to spend when dating, you should be aware that it is good that from time to time you put some effort and get her something or just a treat. This will make you appear not to be stingy. Nobody wants to lay a stingy guy. Also make sure that you always cut your coat according to your size.

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