Filthy Boda boda rider given public bath by his colleagues in Makueni


A boda boda operator was forcibly washed in public by his colleagues in Wote town after they accused him of failing to bathe for several days.

There was drama in the town as 28 -year- old Dominic Mbingo was frog marched by other riders to a nearby car wash and forced to take a bath after which he was taken to a barber for a clean shave.

Wote town boda boda operators’ chairperson Albanus Mutisya said they decided to wash the operator following a public outcry of his poor hygiene.

‘‘Customers have been complaining because he is dirty, drunk and disorderly and we would not want him to spoil the image of other riders,’’said Mutisya.

He urged operators to observe hygiene saying they will continue to publicly wash those who fail to bathe.

‘‘We will carry on with the exercise and flush out any riders who avoid bathing,” said the boda boda chairperson.

Mbingo however dismissed the claims that he was dirty and accused his colleagues of humiliating him in public.

He said no customer had complained of his hygiene and the riders took advantage of him after he was involved in a minor accident.

“I was ferrying a customer from the county headquarters to town and fell down while negotiating a corner, nobody was hurt but the riders beat me up and washed me in public,”’ he said.

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