Former Health Director Moi University faces the wrath of Cyprian Nyakundi

Former Health Director Moi University faces the wrath of Cyprian Nyakundi

A lady graduate from Moi University by the name Vera Chepkorir Moraa, formerly a health director in the students council of the institution, today woke up to the wrath of  men, who support a campaign by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi against the exploitation of boy child by mid-aged ladies.

Vera had earlier posted telling off Nyakundi and his campaigns terming the men who supported him as broke. “So according to ‘brogger’ Cyprian Nyakundi, Girl child cannot step out well-groomed with imported weaves and make up without a sponsor? Dumbass! This is how broke niggas hide under the name Chauvinism. Nyakundi is bitter. He couldn’t afford simple coffee in Java for his Ex- girlfriend. And you all men glorifying him are broke. Console yourselves!” posted Vera.

Seemingly, Nyakundi got wind of the post and he decided to hit back with a ‘career threatening tackle’ according to his followers. “Dear boy child, you cannot be productive with a woman who is always measuring you with her previous grand experiences from past relations with “sponsors”. You will never measure up to their expectations and your potential will be grossly diminished. Avoid those,” responded Nyakundi, in reference to Vera.

Former Health Director Moi University faces the wrath of Cyprian Nyakundi vera-moraa-300x242 slay queens Male Chauvinism main Cyprian Nyakundi
Vera Moraa. Photo: Facebook

Men agitated by Vera decided to spill bile on her for calling them broke. Some went to an extend of posting her ‘ugly’ photos, with others saying that they thought that it was Vera Sidika.

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According to Nyakundi, single ladies between the age of 28 and 35 are toxic to the boy child and they should be avoided by all means. He says all they are after is money since they wasted their juicy part of their lives with sponsors.

“By Age 28 to 35, they’re practicing secondary-virginity. Dating them is a tedious task. You’re being lectured for the slightest of things. Don’t worry, you’re not the problem. She’s merely projecting her failures on you. In this “transitional” period, Sponsors become the solution. Because Sponsors can tolerate their BS,” posted Nyakundi, a post which has so far been ‘hidden’ by Facebook from the public. “Men, beware of the hot toxic feminist. They have good, sexy bodies. Because they’ve learnt how to suppress their sexual-desires, they derive immense pleasure from seeing you lust over their shit, and knowing they won’t give it to you. They wear tight, provocative dressing to formal meetings and enjoy seeing men wishing over their tits. It’s all part of their devious game of male-exploitation.”

However, Vera responded vowing never to back down. She promised to deal with Nyakundi accordingly the same way she has dealt with ‘others’.

“Now my post was felt by Cyprian Is Nyakundi. I woke up to this. And the insults I’m getting could be enough to scare NRM supporters away from the Jacaranda grounds😂😂😂 ile mavi ya sonko haikua kitu. But I’m happy that this war is between a feminist and broke dudes. And a man who is desperate for men’s following. I’m no coward. I will handle this, i have done it before,” posted angry Vera.


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