Juju power: Politicians flocking Tanzania for magic wins

Juju power: Politicians flocking Tanzania for magic wins

Religious leaders in Taita-Taveta County have cautioned politicians against seeking services of witch doctors from neighbouring countries to win in the coming general elections.

The leaders claimed that some politicians were enlisting and paying heavily for the services of foreign witchdoctors to gain political prowess in the region, adding that such was primitive and anti-Christian. They decried widespread witchcraft saying the vice was affecting local development and called on the residents to refrain from such outdated and retrogressive cultural beliefs.

The elders under the aegis of Association of Kenya Elders (AKE) also noted that in spite of the indigenous people having long embraced Christianity, age-old beliefs such as witchcraft, black magic and sorcery have refused to die in some parts of the County.

“Belief in witchcraft is detrimental to development and should be discarded,” pointed out the elders.
Bishop Ronald Itambo of the Kilele Healing Church claimed that politicians were busy engaging the services of magicians with a view to win in either the nominations or in the actual general elections slated for August 8 this year.
“We have reports that some politicians have even been going to Tanzania and Uganda to seek protection from the witch doctors,” alleged the church leader.

This comes in the wake of many sign posts that had been erected by the said witchdoctors in major towns in the county advertising their services. He called on the politicians to depend on God for protection instead engaging in age-old beliefs in witchcraft, black magic and sorcery to win support and power.

“God is the cornerstone of lives and will never disappoint whoever follows the Biblical teaching,” he told the politicians.

“We will not sit and watch as politicians use the dark forces to destroy Christianity in the county. We will stand firm in prayer to ensure that the use of witchcraft does not become a booming business in the county. Witchcraft does not provide solutions to the problems afflicting the residents,” maintained Itambo.


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