Kenha Executive Officers Accused Of Corruption And Bad Governance

Key Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) executives led by the CEO (Engineer Peter Mundinia) and Chairman (Engineer Erastus Mwongera) are being accused of being greedy, insensitive and unpatriotic as they continue to demand huge amount of money in bribes while awarding contracts to companies.

According to key insiders, Eng. Mwongera and Mundinia have made it a defacto policy that every foreigner bidding for a contract advertised by KENHA has to pay Ksh100 million in bribes in foreign denominations, with the US dollar and Euro being the currency of choice.

On the other hand, each Kenyan company willing to be considered for any contracts at KENHA is required to pay not less than KSh10 million in cash. The bribery amounts are collected at strategic locations by Engineer Njuguna Gatitu who is the executive in charge of Road Asset and Corridor Maintenance.

After collecting the agreed amount, a list of approved contractors is sent to the people doing valuation and contract is then tweaked to match the capacity of the internally approved firms and knockout anyone unwilling to dish out bribes to the KENHA executives.

There days when employees of the authority have gone against the list and that has seen them receiving a serious tongue lashing from the Director General Engineer Mundinia and his associates in the bribery scheme.

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A case in point is of a maintenance of Kiambu – Ngewa – Thuita road which was awarded to the lowest bidder who was not in the list of contractors willing to dish bribes drew the ire of Eng. Mundinia and Gatitu that the responsible officer, Eng. Mutii Kivoto was given a show cause letter and contract cancelled.

Gazette notices extending the mandate of KENHA Chairman Eng Erastus Mwongera;

Now staff members, contractors and other stakeholders believe that the term of the Chairman Eng. Erastus Mwongera is being extended despite the constitutionally approved two terms having been expired, because of bribery and corruption. The term was extended in March 2018 despite having exhausted his allowed mandate.

The corrupt networks at KENHA are reportedly being in direct contact with CS Transport and Infrastructure James Macharia who is given kickbacks through his indirect links assigned work at KENHA.

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James Macharia was the Cabinet Secretary during the infamous health scam which engulfed the Ministry of Health leading to the loss of over Ksh5 billion through diversion of funds, manipulation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) and double payment of procured goods and services.

Interesting at KENHA, Engineer Njuguna Gatitu and Peter Mundinia were classmates at the University of Nairobi.

Recently, KENHA Director General Eng. Peter Mundinia attracted the wrath of President Uhuru Kenyatta when his team descended on Nyeri town and other areas and destroyed roadside structures built by traders. The demolitions which happened throughout the country only got the attention of the President when it happened in Nyeri.

The President told off KeNHA on the demolitions and warned the Director General to stop making Kenyans poor through their wrong policies. Eng Muita Ngatia was in charge of the demolitions as he handles the Axel Load department at the authority.

After the tongue lashing from by President and Eng. Muita Ngatia being part of the corrupt cartels, now KeNHA Director General has written a show cause letter to Eng J. Otiato whose only mistake is being an outsider in all the schemes. KeNHA demolitions were done all over the country including in Nakuru, Naivasha, Kisumu and Eldoret. Why the DG decided to target Eng Otiato is something which has surprised KeNHA staff members.

To rope key politicians on their side, KeNHA’s corrupt gang always dishes out contracts to some of the loudest of them. One being a politician from Rift Valley whose company was awarded the road maintenance contract of Ahero – Kisian. The Ksh 700 million contract was awarded with a promise by the politician’s company to give KeNHA executives Ksh 20million as kickback.

Now local contractors appeal to President Uhuru to intervene and save them from the greedy cartel at KeNHA led by the Chairman Eng. Erastus Mwongera and the Director General Eng. Peter Mundinia.

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