Kenyans vs Somalis, Why Somalis are winning the battle ~ Nyakundi

Kenyans vs Somalis, Why Somalis are winning the battle ~ Nyakundi

Proponents of liberalism and feminism sold us the contraceptives/family-planning lie. It’s the reason why every Monday, P2 is normally sold out in most chemists, as women delay giving birth and continue being dished left, right and center by older married men.

Older married men don’t like using rubber, because in their minds, they believe that since they’re paying top-dollar for young pussy, they must hit it raw. What women in relationships with older, married men need to rationalise is that they’re sluts, who are being paid for a service. The moment they understand that, then they’ll stop deceiving themselves and society that dating older, married men is like some wave or fad.

Meanwhile on the other side, Somali’s have selectively accepted Western ideology. They still retain their traditional practices which has seen their culture preserved. Indeed, Somali women are banned by customary law from “tainting” their bloodline with other races, meaning they do not intermarry.

Meanwhile, us Kenyans have blindly embraced western Liberalism ideology, ofcourse hawked by commercial activists and partisan mainstream media. Our women are getting married later in life while pursuing the “career woman” lie, and giving birth later in life means birth-related complications which then means that they shy away from giving birth to more kids. Many families are only having one kid, maximum 2.

Somali’s on the other hand are poppin kids like nobody’s business. Go to any Kenyan hospital and you’ll see them. It’s like a competition. Since women there are not subject to western constructs of delaying marriage age, they start popping kids at the prime of their sexual-fertility. Meanwhile they’ve created powerful lobby groups to ensure their interests are taken care of. Even when their own people are mentioned in corruption like Aden Duale and the Marsabit Governor, all Somali’s speak with one language.

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When it comes to property, Somali’s are buying all the property in Kenya, and unsuspecting locals greedy for a few bucks are just willingly selling to them. It slowly started off in Eastleigh, then moved to South C. Now Parklands has been taken over by Somali’s. And now they’re even more ambitious and are venturing to Kiambu Road.

You see, Somali’s don’t believe in the principle of assimilation. They don’t integrate with local communities. They don’t inter-marry. Even when they immigrate as refugee’s, they still retain their original units. Meaning that when you go to London for instance, you’ll hear of a Somali community. So it’s quite ingenious how they’re able to grow their community in foreign places.

In the next 20 years, Somali’s will most probably be more than indigenous Kenyans because over and above them popping kids big-time, our Immigration department is still selling passports to the illegal ones crossing over from Somalia.

Cyprian Nyakundi

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