These are the kind of men Kenyan women need ~ Nyakundi

These are the kind of men Kenyan women need ~ Nyakundi

Popular Kenyan blogger Cyprian Nyakundi seems not to relent his war against slay queens after striking again on the trendy girls.

The blogger has lately rubbished media reports on the character women need (gentle, polite, caring e.t.c) According to Nyakundi, Kenyan woman needs a rough, harsh and a careless man.

Below is his latest strike on women, a description of the perfect man for Kenyan woman:

So while media has portrayed the image of a perfect man as one who treats his woman with kindness, politeness and respect, the Kenyan woman craves for a firm, authoritative man, who isn’t in touch with his emotions or thoughts, in a replication of the image of a typical Kenyan Father. Kenyan women have no capacity to appreciate gestures and chivalry and men who embark on that route always end up disappointed.

It’s the case of DJ’s for instance. Despite being the most promiscuous and desensitised lot, they bag the hottest chics in the nightlife setting. Women will pack clubs just to see Creme Dela Creme simply because he had a sex-tape leaked. They all want selfies and autographs from him. Not because recording yourself on film having sexual intercourse is a revolutionary act, but because Kenyan women see their promiscuous fathers in DJ Creme Dela Creme.

DJ’s are in high demand with Kenyan women, despite the fact that they’re not chivalrous. Because Kenyan women, like terrorists, only understand the language of brutality and ruthlessness. Just like America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, so should Kenyan men stop extending chivalrous gestures to Kenyan bitches.

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