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Ladies, don’t rush to settle down

There is nothing as beautiful as a working relationship. That couple that holds hands, shows affection on the streets: so sweet, I know. We all want that. At least, I do.

But the sad reality is that we might not all get that. Some of us will settle for a half baked deal because, oh well, the clock is ticking. I am told that after twenty six, you are a used good that no one will want. The pressure to settle becomes real.

I say settle because it is not really settling down. Settling down is a choice and one you should want. You shall not settle down because your aunt in the village said so. It is somewhere in the Bible, promise. Some women will settle for that guy who knocked her up because her parents will not stand the embarrassment. She moves in even after he clearly put up a fight. He was having none of it but she had nowhere to go. You know, that is how most marriages start.

He could love you or not. But time is the gift that keeps on giving. He falls in love with the child. How he not, the baby looks like him. It is like looking in the mirror. You on the hand, he wishes he could get rid of you but he has run out of ideas. He has tried giving you the silent treatment but you just cannot take a hint. Sexual intimacy is a myth. He could be cheating or not but my money is definitely not on the latter. It is safe to say that you my darling are single.

There is also another bunch that settles for men well into their thirties, that are still living, wait for it, with their MOTHERS. Their mothers, I said. How does that work exactly? Does he come over to your place, eat your food, one thing leads to another but has to leave because he has an early day? He leaves in a hurry, does not even take a shower because his mum could be waiting up for him. That alone is a huge turn off.

Let’s say that you accidentally get pregnant, god forbid, what happens then? I seriously don’t understand how one accidentally gets pregnant. I will need to be explained that to like a two year old. Does one sleep with someone without using protection or taking any other precaution and hope that that’s that? I’m sorry but that’s ludicrous, I digress. Do you move in with the entire clan, does he move in with you? The latter is highly unlikely; there is a reason why he was still living at his mum’s.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, if you know what you want in life, the kind of man you want; let no one tell you to settle. Thou shall not settle for less than you deserve. If your goals actualise at 30, find the man of your dreams at 35, then that my darling is how it was meant to be. But to each his own.

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