Life cycle of a (Nairobi) city girl ~ Nyakundi

Life cycle of a (Nairobi) city girl ~ Nyakundi

When the weekend comes, there’s a peculiar image seen across various matatu terminus across the city and its environs, where women with big bags board nganya’s, heaving to the city of lights.

These women head to Nairobi in search for the “good life” and monied men, because the system has Mind-Fucked them so much, about the glitz and glamour associated with city life.

Because living in Nairobi is expensive, many of these women reside in satellite towns, or what was previously referred to as the Nairobi Metropolis, back when Njeru Githae was the Minister of Nairobi Metropolitan Ministry. Some by nature of upbringing and family, are “forced” by circumstances to reside in these towns.

Towns in this category include Kajiado, Athi River, Kitengela, Ngong, Rongai, Kiserian, Kinoo, Kiambu, Juja, Ruiru, Thika, and the likes. Housing in this areas are cheaper than Nairobi CBD where rents have been manipulated by rogue real-estate agencies and predator landlords.

The women who live in these satellite towns believe that despite their slightly lower economic bracket, they deserve nothing but a rich nigga. Meaning that these bitches won’t entertain the idea of liaising with men from their respective towns.

So this lady cannot even dare have a drink in her local pub, or hang out in clubs within these areas. They must be seen in those boujee clubs in Nairobi, and must attract men of pedigree.

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Few make it and land the man of their dreams. They get married and finally relocate to the big city, and live the life of their dreams. Many however, get lost in this plastic life. They don’t land a nigger within the duration of their sexual prime, leaving them old and dejected.

After their product value diminishes, the same women now head back to their “home areas” in those satellite towns. They start now drinking in the locals they used to despise. They start chasing the same nigga’s whom they used to hate on.

But as fate would have it, every ten-year cycle creates some form of redistribution of wealth. So the nigga’s those bitches were ignoring a few years back as they chased Nairobi-life, suddenly are the new-money guys in town. Ain’t no way a new-money nigger will tie himself down with tired beat-up pussy.

And that’s how life is. The shelf-life of a woman is very short. If they don’t get their shit together, then the effects are severe. Consequences dire.

If you’re over-27 and dating a nigga who is trying to get his shit together, bana don’t stress that dude. He’s doing you a massive favour just by agreeing to be with you, plus all your bullshit lectures, motivational-quotes and bible verses.

Cyprian Nyakundi

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