My life is in danger, Nazlin Umar

My life is in danger, Nazlin Umar

Nazlin Umar has claimed that her life is in serious danger after she admitted that she has been in love with the Parliament Majority Leader Aden Duale.

Through a Facebook post tagged to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, seemingly sending a message to the duo; ‘Don’t compromise my security, freedom of speech, movement and other fundamental rights and freedoms as a birth citizen of the Republic of Kenya.’

“My life is in serious, serious imminent danger. It’s black and white. Intelligence, IG, DPP, NIS are involved. A total dragnet is in place. Should I dare talk about it or not. Can i discuss opening of servers or remain forced into silence even while aggressive online blogging and factories of framing is in place… My untold suffering in this prison of silence continues. No freedom of choice. State machinery in full force??! For what? Fruits of extreme psychotic love? This is utterly unIsamic and inhuman. Is this the culture of the Somali community, their menfolk?” wrote Ms Umar, who once vied for Presidency in 2007.

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The lady who styles herself as a human rights advocate left tongues wagging last week after she demanded to be bought a home and a Lexus by the outspoken parliamentarian in a call recording that leaked to the media.

Umar later came to the limelight through a Facebook post to admit the recording and the love affair between him and Duale, terming her lover as an oppressor.

“YES Duale and I have been in Love for 3 years.”

YES our relationship is in turmoil and all his mad love for me acclaimed aside, my wounds go unattended.”

YES the audio of our conversation is real. It exists. I have it, Duale has it, he sent it to me too on the 30th of October on WhatsApp & his elder brother AhmedNoor also has it. The media seem to have it too,” she admitted

Umar further accused the media of publishing a skewed story to demonise her while painting Duale as an angelic saint. “The article was skewed, preconceived, masterminded to defame, insult, dishonor me to the public & cause irreversible damage & harm to my name, person & character. The salacious article demonizes me but paints Duale as an angelic saint,” she adds.

“Meanwhile, I reiterate that I am a woman of unmatched integrity & honor. I am known as the Icon of hard truth so I am not going to lie to Kenyans, even under duress or fear. My pains and suffering in this is untold and of humongous proportions, but the leader that I am, the bigger person, I rise above it all & continue to insulate the leader of majority from himself and for public sobriety,” she writes.

Listen to the leaked conversation below:


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