Lucy’s Take: Do Not Ask Me Why I Don’t Take Alcohol, That’s Me

Lucy’s Take: Do Not Ask Me Why I Don’t Take Alcohol, That’s Me

It is argued that no person is perfect. But, I opine that one becomes perfect by being truly himself. To be truly oneself demands one to be honest with the self. And once this happens, the inner self definitely corresponds with the physical self.

I have recently been struggling to explain to people how I don’t take alcohol. That’s not to say that I have a negative attitude to it, nah. And, ‘doktari’ has never advised me not to take for health’s sake. It’s just a choice, my choice.

But, the matter has always elicited negative comments every time I have tried elucidating it. I do not grok why it is so difficult for people to accept me as I am. Honestly, would there have been any better way to explain this, I would have already opted for it.

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It is weird that my choice induces a variance of utterances. I mean, why would anyone be surprised? It is weirder when they end surmising my whole life as boring. They must be too mean to me, don’t you think so?

‘No, wait. Are you trying to say that you don’t take alcohol? How?’ Someone would just put it blatantly and plainly. Someone else would say, ‘You must be a pretender. How is it possible that you were in the University for FOUR GOOD YEARS, and six for the comrades of ‘Woi’ University, yet you don’t drink? Anyway, I would not have anything more to say, but simply agree that it is possible.

It’s ironical and similarly interesting that I would not turn down any invitations for drinking sprees. I will however honor the invitation(s) with a disclaimer.

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Disclaimer 1: Kindly, do not try to convince me to take whatever amount of alcohol. Because, no matter how hard you will, you will definitely lose. So, just allow me enjoy my DelMonte mango juice. I would prefer a mango one mainly because I’m a Kamba, and secondly, refer to the first argument. Worry not anyway if DelMonte isn’t offered, soda would be a favorite alternative. And yoghurt is still okay. And, since it’s likely that you might be worried of what would be said about us, we’ll just stick to soda, either Sprite or Coke.

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Disclaimer 2: Don’t you try to tell me everything about YOLO. Guess I know everything about it. So, just save your energy and enjoy your drink. So, let’s just take the drinks as we bring back all the good memories.


Lucy Kivuva

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