Male version of slay queens, for sure they can’t be kings

Male version of slay queens, for sure they can’t be kings

The talk has alway been about slay queens, but it has emerged that the male quota are slowly joining. We might have wanted to call them slay kings, but they cannot in any way fit to the category of kings. Men, if you find yourself doing these few things you are the male version of slay queens;

1. Eating inside a Matatu (If you must, then chew gum)

2. A matatu must completely halt for you to alight (mwanaume ni kukanyangiwa kwa jam unarathuka)

3. You use words like…. woishe, woiye, khai, gosh, OMG…..

4. Kuekewa pumzi ya tyres na fuel attendant.

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5. Kubebewa kamzigo tao na jamaa kwa bega (afadhali trolley if its twice your weight).

6. Kubebewa gas cylinder na attendant.

7. Kusneez unasema …. “excuse me”

8. Kutapika-tapika ukilewa.

9. Kusimama tao kwa msee wa smokies/mayai boiro Ati unakulia hapo… Fungiwa ukulie mbele.

10. If you’re a bachelor, kwako uko na bathing soap, face soap, kitchen soap na laundry soap.

11. Kungoja ufunguliwe soda in a function…. Meno ni ya?

12. Kuoga morning na jioni.


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