Man sentenced to life imprisonment for chopping her lover’s limbs

reuben kivuva

A man who chopped his lover’s limbs has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Makindu law court.

Reuben Kivuva was sentenced to  life imprisonment by Principal magistrate Gerald Mutiso for the offence he committed at Emaili two years ago.

While giving the sentence, the Magistrate said the victim Joy Muendi had become crippled and now depended on others to do simple chores like feeding, bathing, going to the toilet and even climbing to bed.

He termed the act as heinous and dismissed the accused mitigation that his mother was diabetic and had epileptic wife and three children to take care of.

The court also ruled that the accused property be confiscated and sold to cater for medical expenses total to Sh. 7 million at the Nairobi Hospital where Ms Muendi was admitted after the incident.

While testifying before the court Muendi said the chopping of her limbs had made her dependant on other people and could not fend for her family.

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“My three children are suffering, I was the bread winner for my family and my mother had to move into my house in Emali to assist me in simplest tasks like feeding, going to the toilet, bathing and other chores,” she said adding she was contented with the ruling of the court.

The victim’s mother, Regina Wayua said she was happy that justice had been done for her daughter.

The accused was charged with chopping his lover’s limbs two years ago at Emali trading centre after a domestic quarrel. Muendi is said to have wanted to quit her relationship with her assailant after she realized that he had another family.

The accused was given 14 days to appeal.

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