Middle aged man dies after a drinking binge

Drinking binge

An illicit liquor binge ended in tragedy when a forty year old man was found dead in his home in Rang’ala sub location, Ugunja sub county.

The family of the deceased, who had a Title Deed for a piece of land he intended to sell at the illicit liquor joint, are calling for a probe on his death, adding that the document mysteriously got lost.

Joash Okello who is famously known as Azanga in the village is said to have engaged in a binge together with friends and village mates at a homestead where illicit liquor is sold until late at night when he was escorted by the den owner’s children.

According to his eldest sister, Jane Apiyo Atieno, he could hardly walk when he left the illicit liquor den, famously known as Ka Nyar Nyakach in the company of the children who were tasked to escort him.

She said the children claimed to have escorted and ensured he was on his bed before they left and locked the house from outside.

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“Interestingly, it is the same children who were to break the news of his death,” said Atieno adding that the children claimed to have opened the door the following day and found Azanga’s body lying with foam oozing from his mouth while he tightly held two sachets of Empire liquor.

Atieno who said she learnt of her brother’s death from neighbours, said there had been a row over a piece of land which his brother wanted to sell.

“There was a row over a parcel of land my brother wanted to sell and he had insisted that he will only sell it in my presence,” said Atieno who is married in a neighbouring village.

She said that the illicit liquor sachets found in his brother’s hands were empty and old and could have been planted on the body to make it look like he took one too many.

Rang’ala sub location assistant chief, Barrack Agoko who confirmed the incident, said the body of the deceased was removed to Inuka hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.

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