Nyakundi discontinues fundraiser for the boychild campaign

Nyakundi discontinues fundraiser for the boychild campaign

Popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has trashed an initiative to raise funds for his now popular boy-child campaign citing lack of cooperation from the boy-child, whom he is defending and has consequently become the  president of the fraternity.

At the time he announced the move today, Nyakundi had raised over Ksh23,000 according to a screenshot he shared of his Facebook page. “From now henceforth, I have discontinued the fundraising effort. It is extremely demoralising working with a group of men, who pressure me to get a PayBill, then turn around and trash-talk it. I can’t be getting accusations of pyramid-schemes for such small amounts of money,” said the blogger.

Nyakundi started the paybill number after some of his followers encouraged him to do so, in order to keep the ‘noble’ task going. He has since promised to refund each and every supporter and provide free content.

Nyakundi discontinues fundraiser for the boychild campaign nyakundi-300x225 fundraiser Cyprian Nyakundi Also read: Moi university health director receives Nyakundi’s wrath

“To those who contributed, thanks so much. Kindly dm me so that I can refund you.Men you’re encouraged to continue betting and investing in your Slay-Queens,” announced the slay queen deconstruct-or.

Despite the move, some of his supporters told him not to trash the initiatives they were well behind his efforts to ‘defend’ the boychild.
“Omogambi, don’t cease fire yet. I just heard my neighbor who is a professional slay queen sing “Nguvu za Nyakundi zimeshindwa” after you posted this message. You are making them victors in this. Now I know why Eve defeated Adam in the garden of Eden,” commented Ngira wa Ngira.

“You got mis-driven by emotions man.Just few crooks cant make you retrack our moves…just keep my 5k in the account,” added M’cory Paul.

“Don’t stop H.E, we are more than ready to walk with you through thin and thick, the early we ban the slay queens the better,” advised Abdullahi Yusuf Abdi.

Others mocked him with most ladies rejoicing for the move.

“The way you catching feelings makes me think you more than a ‘slayqueen’,” said Mercy Wangalwa.

“Your main Goal was money. See how you are angered. Best of luck Mr. Former president,” added Mwangi Kinyanjui.


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