Revealed: The secret illness that killed Francis Nyenze


The Kitui West Mp, Hon Francis Mwanzia Nyenze died today at 7.30 am, in the Nairobi Hospital. The 60 year old legislator, who is also the former National Assembly Minority Leader has been out of the limelight for months since the August General Election due to his deteriorating health. The Kitui Newspaper has dug deep into the Mp’s past life to demystify the actual cause behind the late Mp’s death.

According to sources very close to the late Nyenze, the Mp started ailing in late 2007 and was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital that December. He was diagonized with cancer of the colon and underwent successful surgery in January 2008. This matter was treated with outmost secrecy and only a few of the clossest family members got to know about it, not even the cancer therapy the Mp has been on since.

In May 2013, the cancer had advanced to such stages that it necessitated for specialized treatment. Thus, the late Nyenze had to travel to India for advanced radio-therapy atleast once every month.

By late 2016, the cancer migrated to his lungs, making it complicated. The Mp was still receiving specialised treatment in India at the wake of the campaign period, but had to discontinue it and fly back to his constituency to defend his seat. This was a risky move, as one of his personal doctors (who did not want to be mentioned  for fear of repercussions), because it exposed him to unfavourable weather conditions, which led to his contacting pneumonia. With cancer eating away at his lungs, and the opportunistic respiratory tract infection, Hon Nyenze’s life was in danger and he was hospitalized immediately after the elections. Although there were futile attempts to hide this status, it did not escape the public attention that the Mp took a week to collect his certificate from the IEBC. Also during the swearing in of MPs, the late Nyenze showed up at the event with a gas mask and an oxygen tank.

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Immediately after the swearing in, Hon Francis Nyenze was flown back to India, but his condition had deteriorated to an extent the medics advised him to seek treatment closer to home as his cancer was in the final stages. He was referred back to the Nairobi Hospital cancer wing, but after some time it was agreed that home care was the best alternative.

Hon Francis Mwanzia Nyenze has been in home care since, until the evening of Friday 30th November,when he developed breathing complications despite the oxygen support. He was rushed to the Nairobi Hospital Intensive care unit where the doctors have been fighting to stabilise his condition. The 60 year-old legislator succumbed to respiratory system failure  today at 7.30 am while still in intensive care at the hospital.

The Kitui West Member of parliament has left behind a wife and three children.

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