Scantly Dressed MKU Students To Be Denied Entry Into University Premises

Scantly Dressed MKU Students To Be Denied Entry Into University Premises

Students who wear dresses that reveal their private parts at the Mount Kenya University (MKU) will be denied entry into the institution premises, a new order has indicated.

The order issued by dean of students Martin Muiruri through a memo indicated that those who wear revealing dresses or pants will be sent back to dress decently, and will not be allowed into university premises.

For ladies such clothes will include see-through dresses, mini-skirts, crop-tops(tumbo-cuts), and low cleavage attire while men were directed to  have well-groomed hair at all times.

“Persons dressed in clothes/pants revealing private body parts will be denied access into the University premises and will be required to go back and dress decently, ” the memo read in part.

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Students will also not be allowed to wear caps or hats in lecture halls, in the library, during laboratory sessions or when addressing a member of staff.

A warning will be issued to students who do not adhere to the directive, before being sent home to dress appropriately.

“Warning will be given in case of breach of the dressing code. After a third warning the student will be referred to a disciplinary committee,” Muiruri said.

In Kenya, some of the educational institutions that have successfully implemented ‘descent’ dress code are Strathmore and Day Star universities.

For MKU, it will be a test of time when the wave of scanty dressing has swept across all institutions of higher learning and urban centres.



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