Shock as boda boda operator feeds on grass for stealing chicken

Shock as boda boda operator feeds on grass for stealing chicken

Residents of Ramula in Gem Sub County were this morning treated to a rude shock when they found a village mate feeding on grass.

According to the villagers, the 35 year old boda boda operator could have fallen victim of traditional charms which were applied by a medicine man contracted by an elderly chicken farmer who lost 70 birds to unknown thieves early this week.

Ramula sub location assistant chief, Samuel Nyawalo said that mzee Oliewo Kalindi had been away on a funeral trip on Tuesday night when people broke into his house and stole the chicken.

He said that on returning home Wednesday and finding the situation, the bitter elder sought the assistance of a medicine man who visited his home and sprinkled a concoction in the home before leaving as he assured that it will not take time before the results are seen.

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“A few hours after the medicine man left, David Ochieng Riaga who operates boda boda at Ramula trading centre became unconscious at his place of work sending his colleagues into panic,” said the administrator.

Nyawalo said that when he regained consciousness, he started feasting on grass, to the disbelief of his colleagues and other villagers.

When word reached Ochieng’s family, the chief said, they rushed to Kalindi’s home to plead with him to forgive their son.

“Kalindi contacted the medicine man who demanded that the suspect be taken to Kisumu with a sh50, 000 cleansing fee to reverse the spell,” said Nyawalo, adding that the family could not immediately raise the amount. They are now struggling to raise the money.


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