Signs of a sexually starved lady

sexually starved woman

Most people fear dry spell. In fact some equal dry spell to a curse. Well, some people would claim that it can be broken by self-pleasuring. For sure it is not as great as the real thing. Here are some of the negative effects of the dry spell you might not have known before.

Lowered Self Esteem

Going through a dry spell has a way of making one look a little less self-worthy. This is mostly when it happens when one is used to regular sex. You can start feeling less attractive.

Lack of Sleep

Studies have shown that having sex can make you fall asleep faster. Lack of sleep reduces libido. Thinking about sex for a long time also makes it hard to have sex. A racing brain finds it hard to concentrate on a particular thing, sleep included.

More Forgetful

Lack of sex hinders the ability to remember things. This is because when you haven’t had sex in a long time it will dominate your thoughts, making it difficult to remember other things in life.

Less Sociable

Not having sex in a long time can make you more of an introvert. It is one of the reasons why when dry spell kicks off; it goes on for a long time. Your chances of getting laid are minimal when you don’t interact with people.


There are certain drugs which lowers a women’s sex drive. They decrease ones libido hence lower sexual urge. It is appropriate to consult before taking any given prescription.

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Always Sick

Not having sex can increase the chances of you getting sick. This is in relation to lack of sleep. Lack of enough sleep increases the chances of catching illness.


Even though it never really happens to everyone, without regular exercise, lack of sex can make you gain weight. You burn 100 calories during sex which is a good way of keeping fit. Exercise is also a means to tackle all the other symptoms.


Lack of sex for a long time is stressful; stress in turn leads to faster aging. Aging leads to lower libido.


There are many dangers in not having sex for a long time. Hopefully you will lead a healthy sexual life.

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