Spare us the shame, you have no stake in her pregnancy

Spare us the shame, you have no stake in her pregnancy

So we are having a baby. Yes I said we me and my friend .So my best friend is pregnant!!!!! I’m twenty so you can imagine we are around the same age. Thing is everyone is bashing her for beingpregnant, I mean who the hell does that in 2017!!!Some even offered her abortion pills! Imagine.

It’s a long story she and her boyfriend broke up, boyfriend asked her to go have drinks and talk over the matter. Ended up at his place, five days later kaboom it was too late.

Thing is her man is so excited about the pregnancy, but y’all know how hard it is to break such news to parents right? However, they always finally accept anyway.

So that’s not the story, the story is actually the part about how her friends, neighbors, relatives are acting about it.

First of all is it you or her carrying the pregnancy, is it your morning sickness or her morning sickness, and is it your swollen feet or hers. What part of her pregnancy is yours?

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Don’t give us that crap about morality. Some of her friends have actually aborted several pregnancies, note I actually said several not one. Some of her aunts are actually seeing people outside their marriages, so who are you to judge!!

It’s downright tiring and disgusting the self-righteousness people around us tend to put up. I mean if you can see the log in my eye why can’t see yours. Some of those shameless bi**** stopped being her friends because they cannot party as they used to. How lame is that!!

See pregnancy is a beautiful thing and as my grandmother says the baby has no fault. No wonder so many foetuses are collected all over Nairobi, because people want to please other people, all in the name of “you are not old enough to be a parent”.

Hunny if you are old enough to open your legs don’t give us that crap.


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