Tana River Women threaten to lynch paedophiles


Women leaders in Tana River County on Tuesday threatened to cut off the private parts of child defilers before lynching them. 

They lamented that incidents of child defilement were on the rise in the county and called for stiffer punitive measures against offenders, failure to which they would take law into their hands to protect children. 

Tana River County Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO) Vice Chairperson Ralia Hassan and Chewani Member of County Assembly (MCA) Sauda Maiya Loda, cursed pedophiles and warned that they would not condone the vice any more. 

Speaking during the Jamhuri Day celebrations at  Hola Stadium, the women leaders lamented that three minors had been defiled in the span of only one month, including a three-year old girl who died a few days after  being defiled early this month. 

“It seems the penalties meted on paedophiles are not deterrent enough. We are announcing here before the county security team that if we catch you, we will lynch you,” Ms Hassan said. 

She added: “There are many women desperately in need of husbands in this county. Why don’t you befriend them instead of going for girls younger than your granddaughters to satisfy your lust?” 

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Ms Loda alias Mama Lao caused laughter when she said she was ready to freely provide ‘seduction lessons’ to men who were not bold enough to approach women. 

Kama huwezi kutongoza mwanamke, kuja kwetu tukupatie mistari (If you cannot seduce a woman, come to us for lessons),” Ms Loda, who said she was a trainer of trainers on the matter. 

She said that women in the county had resolved to cut off the genitalia of men who had the habit of defiling young girls. 

“If I catch you having defiled any minor, you will be unlucky because you will have to be relieved of your manhood before you reach the police station,” an agitated Loda said. 

However, County Commissioner Oningoi ole Sosio told the women not to take laws into their hands but instead hand over suspects to the police for lawful justice to be meted on offenders. 

Mr. Sosio however conceded that cases of child defilement were rampant in the county, noting that 80 per cent of all prisoners at the Hola GK Prison were convicts of defilement. 

He urged men in the county to control their sexual desires, warning that those who would continue with the vice would receive maximum sentences when convicted. 

“As much as we condemn these acts, we would like to assure our women that there are enough laws to deal with sexual offenders and they do not have to take laws into their hands,” he said. 

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