Team Mafisi now legally registered

Team Mafisi now legally registered

The Infamous Mafisi Sacco has been legally registered under the name Mafisi Foundation, a youth empowerment forum.

The initiative has been taken and actualized by online comedian Wilson Muirania Gathoni better known by his comic name Jamoh Ule Msee, who will be the patron of the foundation.

“Today, On behalf of Mafisi membership I paid a courtesy call to the CEO of NGOs Board, Mr. Fazul Mahamed in his office. We discussed about the registration and the official launch of Team Mafisi Foundation as a way of creating a platform of members positive engagement, growing our membership and ultimately engage in socioeconomic empowerment programs,” said Jamoh in a post.

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On his side, the CEO of NGOs Board Mr Fazul Mohamed promised to support the group to run a national campaign on youth empowerment, engage in talent search, women empowerment and also matters HIV/AIDS awareness.

“Mr. Fazul was very helpful and promised to support us register it as a foundation for free and support us financially in undertaking youth, women, HIV/AIDS, cohesion, and talent search programs throughout the Country. Many thanks to comrade Fazul for the kind gesture and support,” added Jamoh.

Below is the video doing rounds in social networks about the registration of the group.

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