Thieves eat 39 chicken before escaping with Sh10m coffee in Nyeri

When it comes to Nyeri, the wonders will never cease expression doesn’t even come close to helping one decipher what goes on there.

From women beating their men and even slicing off their vital organs, to frequent theft of coffee worth millions of shillings that vanishes into thin air, you can never miss headline catching news from that part of Kenya.

But the latest incident is baffling to say the least. According to NTV, about 30 thieves in Nyeri stole coffee approximated to be worth Sh10 million from Rumukia Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd in Mukurwe-ini.

But they only made their escape after first slaughtering 39 chicken which they cooked and ate with rice.

Thieves eat 39 chicken before escaping with Sh10m coffee in Nyeri Nyeri-thieves theft Nyeri coffee

Evidence of what happened at Rumukia Farmers Cooperative Society factory in Nyeri this morning. Photo Credit: @ntvkenya

Only last month, agroup of men broke into Tambaya Factory,  also in Mukurwe-ini early in morning and stole about 40 bags  worth more than Sh20 million and a water pump valued at Sh500,000.

The latest theft brings the total worth of the coffee stolen in the last one year to Sh167 million.

In the incident, the gang was also said to have spent at least three hours in the factory emptying the bins undetected and ransacking the manager’s office. Two watchmen guarding the factory were tied up and told to stay silent.


The thieves then lit a fire next to the guards and told them to keep warm as they broke into the drier and packed the dry coffee.

They then cut the factory’s main power supply, disabling the motion sensors and the alarm therefore could not be detected.

They cleared the dried parchments in the bins, the best quality P1, and proceeded to the drying beds outside where some of the coffee was still dying. They also stole coffee that was drying.

Police, who are based barely 30 metres away, never sensed anything was going on. Only in Nyeri.

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