Time to defend the boy child, Nyakundi is right ~ Opinion

Time to defend the boy child, Nyakundi is right ~ Opinion

The bible says,those that are born again are made new in Christ,the old is gone. This seems to be the case for the ‘boy child’. For those who have no idea what am talking about there is a revolution that has seen the rise of the male species in Kenya (rise of the boy child, Warner bros should script a movie)and for all this they can only thank one, Cyprian Nyakundi.

Well its a well known fact that the Kenyan girl child has for long extorted the boy child in Kenya. I mean its not even a secret that when you have no money, a car, and a house the chances of getting a Kenyan slay queen range from zero to -1.

Welcome to Kenya ,where as a man you  either have the looks or the money. Slay queens a.k.a madame wa shisha, will only agree to party with you if you can buy Johnnie  black label not red they call Johhnie walker red ‘changaa’.

They will date men older than their fathers and claim love is blind, but, what is this that love blind to? Wrinkles. They will make peoples fathers to take Viagra and die of heart attacks in an attempt to please them. They want holidays to the Maldives and Bahamas ‘kama vera sidika‘. They have called men who don’t give them chums stingy,and they have glorified men with muscled financial capabilities.

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Cyprian Nyakundi the defender and President of the boy child has clearly said if you want a Brazilian weave girl you better sing the Brazilian anthem first. Girls nyenyekea mpendeke. See in the old age BC(Before Cyprian) you could rant about how broke, stingy, ugly, etc these men are but this is another era, they have seen the ‘light’ via Nyakundi.

Dear boy child ,I fully support you quest in finding chilled out women, not women who bang tables like men, smoke their lungs out, talk so loud even the males at the table can’t speak.

Girls show some love, show some real love.

Boy child, aluta continua.


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