Types of Facebook users

  1. The selfie addicts

These are the caliber of humans that post a selfie every other minute ,they are the kind that make Facebook time a painful experience I mean I just liked your pic what is another one in an interval of a minute doing on my timeline?

2. The political analyst

These are the self proclaimed political scientists who have acquired their degrees from God knows where.they analyse every political event they’ll even tell you what raila told his wife yesterday night in their bed!

3. The motivation speakers

These are a group of people who make it their job to motivate us every single morning. I have to say sometimes we just need that word of encouragement. You always find out though that some of them are very demotivated humans

4. The lovers

This is the group that post their partners and their ‘ love’ and how their relationship is goals. I’m not being a sadist but these are the same people that three weeks after dating start calling men dogs and women hoes. Things like money and relationships are not meant for social media.

5. The gamers

This is the group that posts their game levels ,and gaming characters in their timelines these games are mostly like mortal kombat,FIFA and another one I once played about a crime scene or something. But I don’t blame them those games have a way of just making you post. I must say that most gamers love gaming more than women.

6. The hibernating ones

These humans post once in a blue moon , in fact these are the kind of people who when you add in groups , they never talk. They the ‘seen’ blue tick kinda humans. They have barely five pictures on Facebook and they have no ‘social’ life at all. Its very hard to stalk them or even know what kind of people they are.


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