Video: Ugandans excited as sailing piece of land docks

Ugandans and tourists resident at the Speke Resort were an excited lot after a piece of land docked on their shores before migrating to another destination. Yes, a piece of land sailing on Lake Victoria.

It is not clear where the piece of land that is uninhabited came from but it possible that it could be a piece of one of the islands that dot the world’s second largest fresh water lake.

This is how¬†Sarah Kagingo, a former communications official in the presidency and now the executive director of SoftPower Communications captioned a photo of the incident: “Video: Lake Victoria Floating Island docks at Speke Resort Munyonyo before migrating to another destination, excites Ugandans…”

You wouldn’t possibly believe it until you click to play the video:


It could also be possible Ugandans used magic to hide part of the disputed Migingo Island from the prowling eyes of Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet when he went visiting the other day. Just kidding.

But as someone said, the piece of land had better keep off Kenya’s shores or risk not sailing again. It will be grabbed pronto!

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