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Vera Sidika Disses Otile Brown By Buying Wema Sepetu’s Ex A Mercedes

Social media feud between Otile Brown and Vera Sidika Seems not to be ending soon, with new developments unfolding every day.

Latest on the feud is Vera Sidika, who took to social media to show how he bought Tanzanian model and Wema Sepetu’s ex Calisah a mercedes Benz, terming it as a promise she had to keep.

“I always keep promises. Hope you love your new car,” she wrote.

This comes a few days after she denied his ex Otile Ksh500,000 to buy a similar Mercedes Benz, leading to their break up.

Later, Mr Brown bought his dream car, possibly as a show the she (Vera) was not everything. However, Vera has shown him the middle finger after buying the car to a man suspected to be her new love.

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