Video: This is why Sonko is warning randy couples

Video: This is why Sonko is warning randy couples sonko-22 Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has posted a video of a man who was caught in bed by the husband of his mpango wa kando while asking couples to respect each other.

In the edited video, it took the randy man’s friends to rescue him from potential death including by calling the police.

“Husbands respect your Wives and vice versa. Jamaa ameshikwa na wife ya mtu kwa matrimonial house ya wife ya mtu na bwanake anayoishi na watoto. I have editted the attached video and deleted all the dirty parts coz this page is seen by respected people in our today’s society, however this should act as a lesson to those who have this habbit. Siku za mwizi ni 40. Do you think we should take our MPANGO WA KANDO to our matrimonial homes? Whats your take? Hebu nione comments motomoto. Hee dunia ina mambo. MY COMMENT “Kwa mapenzi yenu na Mungu akinijalia nikuwe Gavana wa Nairobi sitakubali hii upuzi nitawashika,” read posted on his official Facebook page.

See the video (Adult Content):

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