Wizard testifies in court

Wizard testifies in court

A self-proclaimed witch on Monday stunned a Narok court narrating how he performed witchcraft to enable the Olposimoru Member of County Assembly (MCA) Wilfred Kikaet Kuyo win the August 8th elections.

Robert Mwema Mwongela said he was to be paid Sh. 500, 000, in case his client won in the elections, but if he lost, he was not to be paid anything.

Mwongela, who was presenting evidence before Deputy Registrar of the High Court Mr Tito Gesora said on August 2, 2018, he visited the home of the MCA where he performed the sorcery act from 3pm to 3am.

“On that night, I slaughtered a black colombus monkey in the homestead of my client and made him to lie naked in his compound. Later, I applied the blood of the monkey mixed with its fur and herbs on his body,” he explained to a stunned court.

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He said his client was given powers to attract the monkey from the forest and trapped it for the macabre ceremony.

Using the monkey’s skin, he said a special belt and arm band were made for Kuyo.

“The belt on the waist was to attract people to him while that on the hand was to cause anyone he rubbed shoulders or greeted to vote in his favor in the elections,” he said.

The Kitui based sorcerer however said that upon winning, his client declined to pay him as agreed, and instead paid him only Sh20, 000. He traveled to Narok at a later date to demand for his full pay, but was only given Sh3, 000 as his bus fare to go back to Kitui.

The sorcerer, who brought video clips in court as evidence of his doings amazed everybody when he admitted to have performed such acts to a number of vying Governors, senators and Members of Parliament. He alleged he inherited his ‘jujus’ from his father 20 years ago.

Earlier, Kuyo told the court that the elections were free and fair and no one was influenced either through witchcraft, bribery or any other form of manipulation to vote for him.

In his affidavit, the ODM MCA avers that the case filed against him by the Jubilee aspirant Wilson Letulal Ole Masikonte who lost, was not in good faith and wants the court to dismiss the petition in its entirety, saying it’s based on rumors and hearsay.

Masikonte has accused his successor of using witchcraft to win against him in the August 8 polls.

Masikonte earlier took to the dock and told the same court that Mr. Kuyo, who won the Olpusimoru ward seat on ODM ticket used witchcraft to influence the voters.

He also told the court that his agents were denied access to some of the polling stations and were not given copies of forms 32A, neither were they allowed to sign the forms which were  used to tally the County Assembly results as required by the law.  He added that this meant that the results could not be verified.

Masikonte also avers that most of the voters in the area are illiterate and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials and his opponent’s agents, while assisting them to vote influenced them to vote in his favor.

IEBC has denied this allegation too and put two witnesses in the dock to prove to the electoral court that no one was influenced to vote.

The politician who has served for over 20 years as area councilor before being elected as a MCA in 2013 said as a result of the ‘juju’, his phonebook mysteriously became blank, making it impossible for him to contact his agents.

“I woke up in the morning of August 4 only to realize that my phone contact list was blank! .As a result I was unable to respond to urgent issues or get in touch with my supporters,” he said in his affidavit.

Masikonte claims the ‘spell’ also befell his supporters, where he said a truck ferrying his supporters mysteriously overturned, leading to seven of them being injured and hospitalized at Olenguruone Sub-County hospital in neighboring Nakuru County.

Masikonte also avers that the election was so poorly conducted and mismanaged that it violated the Articles of Election Regulations of 2011 and the election official failed to be impartial and neutral, hence the elections were marred with irregularities and were not free and fair.

He now wants the election results nullified on this and several other grounds and afresh election conducted in the ward. He has named Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Narok North Constituency Returning Officer Mark Lempaka as second respondent in the case.

The hearing continues, where more witness will be expected to testify.


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