Happy Birthday Savara! Plus Meet William, the first Kenyan Triathlete to Represent the Country

Happy Birthday Savara! Plus Meet William, the first Kenyan Triathlete to Represent the Country

You wanted it, here it is. In this week’s episode of #SolFamily we meet William Nanjero, Sol Generation’s General Manager for Brands and Projects, and the first Kenyan triathlete to represent the country at the World Championships. From very early in his life, William has had to learn to survive, after being packed off to boarding school in class one and spending the school holidays upcountry, herding cattle and running wild. Having lived such a life, it’s not surprising that William went out of control when he tasted freedom in campus, partying like there was no tomorrow.

That high life continued when he landed a sweet gig at Safaricom, where his motto was “Work Hard, Play Hard”. That all came to an abrupt end when he got into a near-fatal car crash that shifted his entire outlook. He committed to living a healthier lifestyle and started training for the Lewa Marathon, Kenya’s toughest, and then transitioning to triathlons. William is an example of what one can achieve through sheer determination and willpower. He manages Sol Generation with that same ethos, which might explain why everything runs so smoothly.

We’ve been getting sneak peeks for the past few weeks, but this week, we finally got a full tour of Bensoul and Nviiri’s new pad. The place is expansive and full of nooks they can use to vibe and create. The two seem happy with everything except the fact that they can’t have any female company. Sorry, boys. The music has to come first.

Speaking of putting the music first, Sauti Sol is also going off to an undisclosed location to rehearse, reconnect and feed off each other’s energy. Since the global coronavirus pandemic has robbed us of what was sure to be a lit #MidnightTrain world tour, we are going to have to settle for online content. As long as they’re still blessing our YouTube playlists, we won’t complain too much.

Sauti Sol will be isolating for three weeks and they are on austerity measures, basically denying themselves all the good things they sing about. It’s all for a good reason though, and the fans appreciate how far they’ll go to keep producing that content we crave.

The rules are set: no drinking or smoking and the phones have to stay out of sight while they are working. But, since Savara’s birthday is coming up, they’ll have to bend a few of the rules because it is only fitting to celebrate him. Here’s a drink to Savara’s health while we look forward to all the birthday shenanigans next week.

With such premium entertainment content, it’s sad that the first season of #SolFamily is winding to a close. Luckily, we’ll always have behind-the-scenes footage, live performances, and recaps of our favorite moments on the Sol Generation YouTube channel. The season is not over yet, though, and if you’ve been wondering about flashy old Max and the progress of the renovations at Sol Generation HQ, tune in next week on Maisha Magic Plus and Showmax.

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