Nviiri Drops Dope Video for Lesotho

Nviiri Drops Dope Video for Lesotho

The video for Lesotho by Nviiri the Storyteller and Ray Gee has just dropped and fans are in for a treat. With stunning visuals to accompany the music, Lesotho is a nostalgic piece, fused with inspirational, feel-good vibes to bless your YouTube playlist.

Lesotho is Nviiri’s second single of the year and it features Ray Gee, a singing sensation whose rise to fame has been almost miraculous. Homeless and trying to survive on the streets, he caught many people’s attention when a clip of him singing a Justin Beiber song went viral.

It may be surprising to some that newly successful Nviiri would choose a newcomer instead of someone more established for his very first feature, but the way their voices complement each other on the track, Nviiri clearly picked well.

It was a deliberate choice too, and Nviiri confirmed that he wanted to pass on the torch to the next generation of up and coming artists the same way it was passed on to him by Sauti Sol.

Well we, the fans, are here for it.

The Sol Generation artists have set the bar high for music videos, using high-quality production techniques and well thought out storylines to enhance their songs. The Lesotho video upholds this standard by creating poignant scenes that echo the song’s promise of better days coming regardless of where you have come from. It is a masterpiece, but don’t take my word for it, watch the video here.

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