Talented Gymnast Wendy Waeni Narrates How She Has Been Defrauded By Former Manager Joe Mwangi

Talented Gymnast Wendy Waeni Narrates How She Has Been Defrauded By Former Manager Joe Mwangi

Despite performing all over the world in events full of glamour, talented teen Wendy Waeni still lives in abject poverty depending on her mother’s sweet business to make ends meet.

Appearing on Citizens JKL sho hosted by Jeff Koinange, the girl revealed that she was living in a single room in Huruma with her mother, after being defrauded by former manager Joe Mwangi.

“I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager (Joe Mwangi),” said Wendy.

She also revealed that she does not have access to her social media accounts, as they are controlled by Mangi who posts what he wills, to an extend of being rude to Wendy’s fans in what is seen as a way of hurting her image after fall out.

In May 2017, Mwangi posted on Waeni’s Instagram page claiming that radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o owed Waeni Ksh4,000, which later emerged not to be true.

Local celebrities and Kenyans in general turned up the heat on Joe Mwangi saying that he was dishonest and was also jeopardizing the career of the young acrobat with his malicious claims.

Today, Kenyans on Twitter took to the platform o tear Mwangi after Waeni opened the lid, confirming rumours that have been the talk of town for a while now.

“Why steal from such an innocent girl? That Joe Mwangi should be sought and jailed immediately. Wendy Waeni has really suffered yawa,” tweeted Abala Kinyua.

Asamoh said, “Wendy has performed across the globe. Joe Mwangi has conned her all the cash. I remember in February busting him through  @WendyWaeni “

“This is so criminal of Joe Mwangi. So sad what he has done to the little girl. He ought to pay heavily for what he has done,” tweeted Duncan Ondimu.

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